Lectures for Magic Clubs

Martin’s Lecture

After lecturing recently at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, California, Martin demonstrated why he is one of the best restaurant performers in the magic community today. In his lecture, he will share his theory of approaching a table with greater easy and performing enjoyable magic as easily as if he had been invited to dine with them. Martin will demonstrate many wonderful stand-up and strolling magic effects and routines that are perfect for this type of environment, as well as demonstrating how to get larger tips from your audiences leaving them happy to do so. To view what Martin will present at his lecture for you, please push the button under the photo to the right.

Lecture Booking Service

In 2008 Martin was asked to help promote a lecture tour for Henry Evans, Guest of Honor  at Obies FFFF. He was successful at putting together a seven day tour within a short period of time. Since then, he has been booking lecture tours for other magicians including Shawn Farquhar, David Regal, Eric Jones, Oscar Munoz, David Stone and many, many more. If you would like to contact Martin regarding a lecture tour for you please contact him to discuss the details via e-mail at:

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